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Product Feature Comparison

Feature WinRAR v3.93 WinZip v14.5
Single user license price $29 USD $29.95 USD (Advanced SFX module not included)
SFX Module Advanced SFX module included Basic Zip SFX functions
SFX Module Zip archive format Yes Yes
SFX Module RAR for MS-DOS Yes No
SFX Module RAR for Windows 32bit command line Yes No
SFX Module RAR for Windows 32bit graphic interface Yes No
Application Upgrades Included with support and maintenance coverage Upgrades are 50% of the cost of a new license
Application Maintenace Fees $4.35/year for single-user $6.95/year for single-user
Advanced SFX Module Included; no extra charge Self-extracting module is $49.95 in addition to the WinZip license
Email Support Included for licensed users Multiuser support costs 18% of purchase price per year extra
Cost Comparison with Advanced SFX, 1 user, 1 year $29.00 USD $96.80 USD
Cost Comparison without Advanced SFX, 1 user, 1 year $29.00 USD $36.90 USD
Multi-language Support WinRAR v3.93 WinZip v14.5
Languages About 45 7
Unicode Support Yes Yes
Multi-OS Support WinRAR v3.93 WinZip v14.5
Operating Systems Windows (including x64), DOS, OS/2, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Pocket PC Windows
Compression Features WinRAR v3.93 WinZip v14.5
Standard Zip Compression Yes Yes
Standard RAR Compression Yes No
Solid compression Yes No
Compression Options WinRAR v3.93 WinZip v14.5
Add and replace files Yes Yes
Add and update files Yes Yes
Freshen existing files only Yes Yes
Synchronize archive contents Yes Yes
Use High precision modification time Yes Yes
Extract archives with "keep broken files" Yes No
Put each file to separate archive Yes No
Set compression dictionary size Yes No
Convert archive to SFX Yes Yes
Test archives Yes Yes
Show archive info Yes Yes
Add archive comment Yes Yes
Create multi split archives (volumes) Yes Yes
Pause after each volume Yes No
Set size of every volume Yes No
Average Compression WinRAR v3.93 WinZip v14.5
In percent of original file size
Text 15-30% 20-45%
Word Files 22% 29%
English Text 14.8% 26.8%
Bitmap Files 19% 29.5%
3D CAD Files 26% 38%
User Interface WinRAR v3.93 WinZip v14.5
Wizard Yes Yes
Drag and drop support Yes Yes
File management mode Yes No
Archive management mode Yes Yes
Search archive content Yes No
Create compression profiles Yes No
Favorite folders Yes Yes
Specify toolbar buttons Yes Yes
Security Options WinRAR v3.93 WinZip v14.5
Protect archives from damage Yes No
Reconstruction of missing split archives Yes No
Protect archives from accidental modification Yes No
Add authenticity information Yes No
Integration with virus scanners Yes Yes
Blocking of suspect files Advanced Only Warning for .EXE files (SR-1)
Does not allow running of *.PIF files Yes Asks
Does not run files with 5 or more continuous spaces Yes Asks
Password protection Yes Yes
Encrypt file names Yes Yes
AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Yes Yes
Support NTFS file security Yes No
Supported Archive Types WinRAR v3.93 WinZip v14.5
Extraction RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZIP, UUE, BZIP2, JAR, ISO, Z, 7-ZIP and Other MIME-Types RAR, ZIP, CAB, TAR, GZIP, UUE, JAR, Z, BZip2, 7-Zip, ISO, IMG and ZIPX
Compression RAR, ZIP ZIP
Additional File Name Extensions for Supported Formats Yes No
Self-Extracting (SFX) Options WinRAR v3.93 WinZip v14.5
Support of Basic Options Yes Yes
Add Shortcuts to Windows Yes No
Add Install Dialog to SFX Yes No
Customize SFX logo Yes No
Command Line SFX Creation Yes No
Add Customized License Text Yes No
Run Setup Program After Extraction Yes No
Delete Files Before Installing Yes No
Silent Mode Support Yes No
Customize SFX Icon Yes No
HTML Support for Text Yes No
Special Script Commands Yes No
GUI will request administrator permission, if needed Yes No
Backup Options WinRAR v3.93 WinZip v14.5
Add Only Files With "Archive" Flag Set Yes Yes
Clear "Archive" Flag After Compression Yes Yes
Keep Previous File Versions Yes No
Generate Archive Name By Mask Yes No
Miscellaneous WinRAR v3.93 WinZip v14.5
Specially Compiled 64-bit Version Yes No
Background Archiving Yes No
Turn Off PC When Done Yes No
Compression Estimation Yes No
Compression ratio estimation Yes No
Compress and Email from Windows Explorer Yes Yes
Generate Archive Report Yes No
Print Archive Report Yes No
Benchmark Test Yes No
Hardware Test Yes No
"Wait if Other Copies Are Active" Option Yes No
Multi-threading Yes No
Select profiles from context menu Yes No
Wipe files option (before deleting file data is overwritten by zeros to prevent recovery of deleted files) Yes Yes

As with any product, your mileage may vary.
Download WinRAR and try it for up to 40 days for free to see how it will perform in your environment.
Price is subject to change without notice; view our pricing page for the current pricing.
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