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Is RAR and WinRAR free?

No. RAR and WinRAR products are a class of products called Shareware. Shareware products often include a free trial period to evaluate the software, and then you decide if you wish to keep or remove the software.

RAR and WinRAR products allow you to use the product for free for up to 40 days. This allows you to ensure the product meets your needs.

We do offer our "unrar" programs as free utilities you can use free of charge -- called freeware. These programs are command line only, and may not be appropriate for all users.

Is the price a subscription rate or annual fee?

The pricing you see is a one-time purchase price. While we believe that the product is already an exceptional value, you also get free upgrades as part of your license purchase. We don't charge you for upgrades or an annual fee to stay current, unlike the competition.

If I buy a license for WinRAR, can I change to another operating system later?

Yes. The license isn't tied to a specific version or operating system. Change to any one of the other supported platforms and your license key will work on those as well.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do offer discounts. We currently offer discount for education, non-profit and government entities.

NOTE: The license is the same as a retail purchase with all the same upgrade benefits.

Do you offer site/corporate/enterprise/blanket licenses?

No. Our product pricing is based on a per-user/per-machine model for most instances. Read the license agreement for details on how the licensing may apply in your organization or contact us with your questions.


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